EXCLUSIVE: Two New SolForge Cards From Set 3: The Secrets of Solis [SPOILERS]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Aug 15, 2014 03:10 PM EDT

The fine folks at Stone Blade Entertainment have provided us an exclusive early look at two new cards from their hit digital trading card game SolForge. These cards are coming as part of The Secrets of Solis, the third set for the game so far and one that looks like it will shake the game up quite a bit. 

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The first card we have isNefrax, The Soulweaver. This is a creature from the Nekrum faction and he's a beast. Not only does he have a great amount of health, every turn you can activate him to place a powerful (up to 15 attack 15 health!) ally in an empty space!

Of course, he comes with a cost- in order to play him you will have to destroy one of your creatures. It definitely looks like it will be worth it, though.

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Next up are the Oratek Explosives, a spell from the Alloyin faction. At level one it gives a decent +5 attack to any of your creatures but its real strength is when you place it in the mdidle of an Alloyin/Tempys deck. When it activates its Allied Tempys ability it can really effectively take out enemy creatures when attacking a player, even a whole line of them at level three. And yes, you're seeing right- that's an Allied ability that targets another faction, a feature new to Set 3.

The Secrets of Solis will contain 60 new cards, many of which feature brand new mechanics to the game. For example there's abilities like Consistent, which means that once a card is leveled it's guaranteed to be in the top 20 cards of your deck when you shuffle; Solbind, which makes a card come with other cards (meaning you can finally have a deck bigger than 30 cards); and Banish, which lets you remove cards from your deck for good! For an example of that latter ability check out the recently revealed Toorgmai Guardian.

The game UI will be updated as well to give you a better idea of how the game plays. As they explain on the official blog, you'll be able to see your discard pile now, which is essential for card abilities that target discarded cards, like Toorgmai's. It also seems like you'll just generally have a better idea of how the game flows, since you'll be able to see how many cards are left in your deck, which ones are leveled up, and even see the discard pile getting shuffled back into the main deck every time you level up. Most people didn't even know that was happening!

Another blog update allows us to meet Forge Guardian Delta, a new card that offers you another way to summon Forge Guardian Omega, possibly the strongest card in the game. Omega could only be summoned by combining all the other Guardians (Alpha, Beta, Gamma), Voltron-like, into one monster, but it was hard to get the necessary five cards out in order to make it happen. Delta makes it a bit easier and Omega itself has been updated and improved with the Consistent ability, meaning that you can plan on seeing a whole lot of Guardian decks being built up after this Set hits.

We here at GameNGuide are really excited to get our hands on these SolForge cards ourselves when The Secrets of Solis drops soon. Expect reduced output on the site as the entire staff gets sucked back into one of the finest card games around.

For more on SolForge check out solforgegame.com.

[UPDATE: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the release date for Set 3 will be next week. There is no official release date yet.]

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