Transformers Universe News; Update Adds New Robots Autobot Macro And Decepticon Firebreaker, Patch Notes [VIDEO]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Aug 22, 2014 08:57 AM EDT

Jagex's online third person MOBA Transformers: Universe has just added two new Cybertronian warriors to your arsenal - Autobot Macro and Decepticon Firebreaker. Who are the two, you ask? Well...

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From Firebreaker's official bio: "If there's one Decepticon you can trust to get the job done, it's Firebreaker - your one-stop-chop-shop for stealth, recon and hacking. His complete commitment to chaos means he'll even corrupt his own systems to manipulate an enemy into unwittingly infecting themselves. But beware his quiet disposition - what he holds back for days under cloak, he can channel into a sonic blast louder than a trunk tricked out with subwoofers."

From Macro's official bio: "Custom-built for life behind enemy lines, Macro is infamous for bushwhacking 'Con battalions when they're enjoying a little R&R. Rendering himself invisible he'll bust out of a camo shield and launch a couple of grenades to get the party started right! Ask him nicely and he'll scramble rival signals, enabling his squad to get stuck in and cause some major mayhem. The message from the battlefront is clear: Macro is outta sight!"

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If you've been out of the game for a while, here's some updates that have happened in the past few days:

Friends List Fix - When you had over 100 friends, your Friends List would not function anymore - this should now be fixed.

Respawn Timers - From the moment your warrior dies, a 10 second Respawn Timer is activated.

Adding 'Recent Players' to your Friends List - You can now add player to your friends list at the end of your game in the results screen.

Warrior voices are back - We can now confirm that our warrior voices are back in-game, Swagger & Firebreaker are the only Warriors currently without voices.

Improved presentation starter Warrior tutorial videos - Players will now be presented with a pop-up allowing them to either watch a tutorial video for the warrior in question (starter warriors only) or skip and proceed immediately into game.

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