ASUS Smartwatch Design: Company Twitter Teases Thin, Curved Smartwatch For IFA Reveal

By Connor Sears , Updated Aug 26, 2014 09:46 AM EDT

Just in case you still haven't had your fill of new products following this year's break in the smartwatch levee, ASUS has been teasing design images of its contender in the smartwatch market ahead of it's IFA reveal.

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The pictures that ASUS has been blasting out over its social media channels (the latest of which being tweeted out earlier today) showcase the watch's slim, curved design, along with several other design features noted in halfway legible script.

Earlier in the summer, TechCrunch reported that the company's main goal is to lead the smartwatch pack on price point, offering a product that could be as cheap as $99. ASUS has previously been announced as a partner for Google's new wearable operating system Android Wear, so it's likely that this curved watch is ASUS's entry into that ecosystem, where it will compete with launch devices like the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live as well as other Android Wear products that will be also be announced at IFA. If this watch can reach that $99 price point, though, it could enjoy a price advantage of as much as $100 over its Android Wear competitors.

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So far, ASUS's social media hype campaign has focused on a Sept. 3 countdown date alongside liberal use of the #Incredible hashtag. Other than that, the teaser images tell a little bit about the watch's construction, including a genuine leather strap and a smooth, stainless steel shell. For more substantive information, including about how this device will compete with other watches in terms of computing power, we'll have to wait until the smartwatch floodgates open for good at IFA next week.

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