Fantastic Four Dr. Doom Pictures Leaked From Set, Doom Fights Johnny & Ben, Flies [PHOTOS]

By Luca Saitta , Updated Aug 28, 2014 12:28 PM EDT

From the director of 2012's found footage superhero movie Chronicle, next year's Fantastic Four will reintroduce comic book and movie fans to Marvel's First Family - and a first look at its villain, Dr. Doom, has just been leaked.

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The Latverian monarch Victor von Doom, also known by the supervillain moniker of Dr. Doom, is the most iconic of the Fantastic Four's foes (though not the first, that honor goes to the Mole Man) and will be played in this iteration by British actor Toby Kebbell, (not really) seen in this summer's blockbuster Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as villainous chimp Koba. That performance was very intense and actually pretty nuanced, though it remains to be seen how much of that was the animators and how much was the actor. Still, it's a promising couple of years ahead for Kebbell, with Koba, Doom and an unspecified role in Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie. A mo-cap Orc, perhaps?

The set pictures leaked to Geek Pride by an unnamed studio employee show Doom facing off against the CGI stand-in stunt man for The Thing and the LED-light covered stand-in for the Human Torch, thereby confirming that these characters will come to individual blows at some point in the movie. Doom's look here is different from his classic armored iteration, suggesting a more bio-metal type look not unlike the one found in Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis' 2001 comic re-imagining in the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four.

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The second picture also shows Kebbell on wires, suggesting he's flying or levitating in what is perhaps the movie's version of Doom's power set. Or maybe someone's holding this metallic baddie up with a magnet or something. It's all possible! Anyway, Doom's airborne at some point.

What do you think of this look? Do you think that Tim Blake Nelson (cast as Harvey Elder, aka Mole Man) will also go full villain in this movie?

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