Halo PAX Prime Showdown Tournament Details: Halo 2 Anniversary Competition For $10,000 Livestreamed This Weekend, Top Pro Players Attending

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Aug 29, 2014 11:16 AM EDT

This year's PAX Prime will play host to a Halo 2 Anniversary tournament, where the winning team will take home $10,000.

Fan-Favorite Lockout Is The Next Remastered Halo 2 Anniversary Map In The Master Chief Collection

The remastered version Halo 2 is offered within Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the upcoming collection of all past main Halo titles on one disc for Xbox One. It's this game that will be playable at the tournament, which will be streamed live on Twitch.

Attendees must qualify for the Halo PAX Prime Showdown on Friday, and the top eight teams will fight it out on Saturday and Sunday for the prize. These Saturday and Sunday finals are the rounds that will be streamed live--we'll post the Twitch video this weekend for your viewing pleasure.

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Several teams of pro Halo players from past MLG and other tournaments will be heading out to the conference to try to claim the prize, and to test out Halo 2 Anniversary for themselves. One such team playing under the VwS Gaming banner consists of top-end pros Naded, Legit, Mikwen, and Goofy. Another squad attending--playing under Excellence Gaming--will feature some of the biggest and best names in the Halo competitive scene on one team: Strongside, Pistola, Snipedown, and Ace are attending the event together, with Elamite Warrior as coach.

The below trailer shows off a preview of the tournament, as well as the other Halo-related events that will be happening around PAX Prime. These include panels, stations where The Master Chief Collection is playable, and giveaways.

The qualifiers begin at 10 a.m. PDT on Friday, and run into the evening. Saturday's games will begin at noon, and the finals on Sunday start at 11 a.m.--check back for a livestream once the tournament approaches.

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