Saints Row 4 News: Volition Software Releases SDK, Make Your Own Weapons, Outfits

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 03, 2014 09:07 AM EDT

The Saints' fight against Zinyak and his empire is about to get even crazier with Volition's first official system development kit, released today.

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Saint's Row already had a thriving mod community, but this was all based on what was already in the third and fourth games. Players made already-there skins look a bit better or altered the mechanics a little, that kind of stuff. Now, thanks to this newly released SDK, you will be able to actually import your very own creations into the game.

The SDK features templates, tutorials and tools to modify weapon models, showcasing content from the January standalone Saints Row release Gat Out Of Hell, so even if you're not interested in modding, take a look for a tiny preview for that trip to Hades.

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Download the mod right here. How do you replace the guns in-game with your own creations? Tutorial right here! This is only part 1 of an unknown amount of releases, so who knows, perhaps you'll be able to start editing the world and its characters - not unlike Kinzie or Matt Miller editing the simulation as you make your way through it.

As a bonus in terms of what you can expect in Saint's Row modding, here's a video of one member of the mod community turning SR4 into a first person superhero game (as opposed to the third person one it already is). Imagine this with an Oculus Rift!

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