iWatch Rumors: Will Apple's Rumored Wearable Even Be a Smartwatch?

By Barry Eitel , Updated Sep 03, 2014 04:34 PM EDT

A select few Apple lovers are already lining up outside the company's flagship NYC store, waiting for their chance to be among the first to touch an iPhone 6, which the company will supposedly reveal on September 9 at a big press event in San Francisco. However, many are expecting CEO Tim Cook to pull a classic Steve Jobs "One more thing..." moment and introduce the world to Apple's first wearable, the iWatch.

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That is, if Apple has been actually working on a smartwatch. According to Chris Matyszczyk at CNET, perhaps the whole "iWatch" idea is misguided (Jobs did not name their flagship tablet the "iTab," for example." Matyszczyk believes we might be seeing a whole "iCollection," with fashionable choices of all sorts that sync up with the device in your pocket. 

The tech press has been gathering the small amount of rumors, quotes and patent applications into a narrative where Cook brings out a smartwatch for the Apple masses next week. Both LG and Samsung have recently released--perhaps coincidentally--high-end smartwatches, with the former running on Google's Android Wear mobile operating system.

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Given the evidence, though, it is completely possible that Apple will introduce us to a wearable that is not for your wrist. We me see Cook introduce one such line of wearables, or even a Google Glass-like headset linked to Siri--we'll have to wait until September 9 to know for sure.

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