Introducing Super Durable And Stylish Headphones Dandycan, Now Seeking Crowdfunding On Indiegogo

By Barry Eitel , Updated Sep 03, 2014 05:03 PM EDT

Swedish designer Daniel Åhman became fed up with how often he had to replace headphones. He decided to focus his energy on creating a pair of headphones that were beautiful, yet built to last far longer than anything on the market.

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After two years of development, Åhman has started an Indiegogo campaign to manufacture Dandycan headphones, a pair built with sound quality in mind, but also with an eye towards sleek style. Most importantly, Dandycan's are built from leather and metal, so there isn't much to break no matter what abuse you throw its way.

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"Why are most of the headphones so crappy?" asks the Dandycan website. "We decided to change that. Our headphones are durable and beautiful at a better price than all the rubbish out there."

By pledging $80, you can get your own set of Dandycan headphones, along with a two cables and an extra set of ear pads. With an estimated future retail of $249 after release, the deal is pretty astounding, if you can wait until March, 2015--the set release date for the new headphones. Only 500 early buyers are getting this deal, so you better jump on it.

As of press time, the project has raised just under $10,000 of a $200,000 goal, but the campaign runs until October 3, having only launched several days ago.

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