Guardians Of The Galaxy Continues To Sell Out Advance Ticket Sales; 2014's Highest Grossing Film Shows No Sign Of Slowing Down

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 05, 2014 09:43 AM EDT

People are still hooked on that Guardians of the Galaxy feeling. The Marvel movie about an intergalactic band of misfits who have to, uh, guard the galaxy, recently became the highest grossing film of 2014, surpassing previous front-runner Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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That's right, rumor has it that the Federal Mint has handed Marvel an entire factory, thereby allowing the House of M to literally print money. Five weeks into its first run, and Guardians is still selling out theaters and people are so worried about not being able to get in that they are still ordering tickets online ahead of time. The film has topped Fandango's anticipation meter and has been selling steadily.

This is not that surprising. Guardians was the last highly anticipated cross-quadrant blockbuster of the summer. Sorry Turtles and Expendables, but you're very niche, and also not that good. There has been practically nothing to contend against the film for a month now. The occasional interloper pops up, but they don't last. People want Rocket, Groot, Peter, Drax and Gamora more than anything.

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Thus far, the film has grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide. Now that we are entering the doldrums right before the awards season contenders kick in, expect its reign to continue, albeit slightly diminished, for a few more weeks. The next film on the horizon I can see easily taking over is The Maze Runner, because YA is always big and the Liam Neeson vehicle A Walk Among The Tombstones, both of which open September 19.

Still, both of those films will waltz in as new kids on the block. By that point, everyone and their mother will have seen Guardians. Twice.

Personally, I hope to check out the film again this weekend. Looks like I'll need to buy my tickets ahead of time. Watch Groot dance. I'd say spoiler, but come on, son, you've seen it a dozen times now.

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