Minecraft Xbox One Video From Microsoft Shows How To Transfer World Saves, DLC One At A Time From 360 Edition

By Connor Sears , Updated Sep 05, 2014 10:03 AM EDT

This has been a productive week for new-gen Minecraft. The PS4 version launched yesterday, and today marks the release of Minecraft for Xbox One. Much like how the PS4 version can import saves from the PS3 version, Xbox One owners are able to transfer all of their worlds and DLC over from their Xbox 360, and Microsoft is doing what they can to help with this short instructional video.

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To transfer saves from your Xbox 360 version, you first need to load up your 360 Minecraft game and select 'Play Game' from the title screen. When you're confronted with the list of save files, pick whichever one you want to send over and press the Y button. Once it's uploaded, it's time to fire up your Xbox One. Keep in mind that you can only transfer one file at a time, so you'll need to run the entire process over again for each save you want imported.

Once you've loaded up Minecraft for Xbox One, simply click on 'Play Game' and hit the X button. Your 360 save file should download no problem.

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Judging by the video, the process takes a fair while so you might want to go make yourself a snack and make an evening out of it if you've got a bunch of save files your want to send over. Again, you can only transfer one save at a time, so make sure your first save is downloaded onto the Xbox One version before starting to upload the next from the 360. You might want to think hard about which saves you really want on your Xbox One and which you could leave behind as a tribute to a passing generation.

To make sure all your 360 DLC makes it over to your new console, all you need to do is head to the Xbox Store on your Xbox One. As long as you purchased the DLC with the same Xbox Live account, you should get the option to download all of your previously purchased DLC packs for free.

Minecraft Xbox One Edition for $19.99. Xbox 360 players can upgrade for just $4.99.

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