Rollers of the Realm Release Month, Price Revealed By Atlus For Upcoming PS4/PS Vita Pinball RPG [VIDEO]

By Alex Riviello , Updated Sep 06, 2014 10:51 AM EDT

Atlus has just revealed that they will be publishing the innovative Pinball RPG Rollers of the Realm this November 2014.

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The game is coming to PS4, PS Vita and PC is from Phantom Compass, who has effectively crammed all the trappings of an RPG into a pinball game. You'll play through various tables that represent story plots, playing as different characters (rogues, knights, healers) that are represented by different balls.  

It's a simple but brilliant concept and works remarkably well- it was hard to pull ourselves away from the E3 demo earlier this year, especially since it features short and satisfying levels with plenty of secrets to find.

Check Out The First Rollers of the Realm Trailer Here!

Atlus has also revealed that the game will be a bargain at $9.99.

Best of all? The game will be cross-buy and cross-save compatible on PS4 and Vita, allowing you to not only buy the game once and get both console versions, but to take your save on the road whenever you like. It's awesome to see how many companies are taking advantage of this great feature.

For more on how Rollers of the Realm works check out this new video from the developers. This end of the year is getting pretty stacked with games (as always) but we're sure we can make some room for pinball. 

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