Marvel Casting News: Agent Carter TV Show Adds Cloud Atlas Star As Avengers Member (Sort Of)

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 17, 2014 09:20 AM EDT

All that Marvel stuff coming our way! Agents Of SHIELD's second season will premier next week, then there will be an 8 episode miniseries based on Captain America's girlfriend Peggy Carter during the former show's mid-season hiatus, then we'll be visiting the Avengers in theaters again while Daredevil hits Netflix. With all that comic book goodness, it's no wonder we keep finding things out - today: Iron Man's computer voice JARVIS used to be a guy called Jarvis, and he's been cast!

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James D'Arcy, whom you may know from the Wachowski siblings' Cloud Atlas (or considering that movie's box office, maybe not), will be portraying Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark's Butler in the Hayley Atwell-led miniseries Agent Carter.

Edwin Jarvis has been Tony Stark's human butler in the comics since the 60s, and even the universe-wide re-imagining Marvel did when they launched their Ultimate Marvel line in the early 2000s kept him a human (though they made him a partying old gay dude with the hots for Cap and Thor). It was the 2008 movie Iron Man that turned Jarvis into JARVIS, the dryly sarcastic OS to Tony Stark's house/suit/everything - probably because the movie already had to include Pepper Potts, James Rhodes, Happy Hogan and Obadiah Stane as Stark's human support crew.

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But if Marvel knows anything, it's how to cater to fans! It's unlikely there were ever any hardcore Jarvis the butler fans who were upset that the character was now a computer, but if there are, now they must be (somewhat) appeased. Edwin Jarvis exists in the Cinematic Universe! He was just Howard Stark's butler, rather than Tony's. James D'Arcy is the blonde guy in this embedded interview.

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