Indie Platformer Outland Runs Onto Steam At End Of September; Updated Gameplay And Co-op Mode Brings Underground Hit To New Audience [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 19, 2014 12:28 PM EDT

Ubisoft and Housemarque are releasing their popular and enduring Metroidvania title Outland onto Steam next week.

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The 2D platformer, which took inspiration from Ikaruga, the original Prince of Persia games and the aforementioned Metroid and Castlevania, was originally released in 2011 for Xbox Live and PSN. It quickly racked up a number of awards, including Best PSN Game from IGN. It's one of those games you always said you'd get around to playing but never did. Well, now is your chance.

The PC version of Outland will feature several improvements to entice an entirely new audience. A new campaign co-op and a new checkpoint system, to make it a bit easier on the newbies. It will go on sale on Steam September 22 for $9.99.

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Outland follows a nameless man from our time who is experiencing hallucinations of ages gone by. He jumps and fights his way through ancient, Maya inspired motifs as he attempts to reach the Temple of Eternity and free the Sisters of Chaos. It sounds cliché, but it all works. Along the way, players will learn to utilize both Light and Dark energy, which forms a polarity effect, in order to pass through certain obstacles and defeat enemies.

The music is one of the most talked about aspects of the game. The sound is moody, elegant, as if from another time. Ari Pulkkinen, who crafted the scores to Resogun, Trine 2 and yes, the Angry Birds theme (which has been played by orchestras) sets the tone for Outland.

Check out the PC announce trailer below!

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