Destiny Event Queen's Wrath Live Today, Get Rare And Legendary Drops Only As Rewards

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Sep 23, 2014 12:10 PM EDT

A new Destiny event titled The Queen's Wrath launched today, promising at least rare-to legendary gear as rewards.

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Bungie announced the special event via Twitter, and as seen in the image above, it will run until October 6.

The high-rarity rewards in particular should be a major draw, as a common complaint with the game has been the difficulty of acquiring legendary gear. There are several systems in place to buy top gear with special currency, but in addition to requiring a lot of time, Bungie caps the amount you can earn each week. As such, players turn to farming and exploits in an attempt to win a rare item through a drop lottery.

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With this event promising at least rare gear, Bungie is providing what should be a less frustrating method of grinding with a higher likelihood of something you'll need. Queen's Wrath will only be temporary, but it's running for long enough to give players a crack at finding a high quality item or two. The Queen's emissary can be found in the Tower now handing out bounties that will give you blue or purple items upon completion.

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