Star Wars 7 News: JJ Abrams Episode Has “Hundreds Of Stormtroopers” Says Oscar Isaac

By Luca Saitta , Updated Sep 24, 2014 09:31 AM EDT

Oscar Isaac, star of Star Wars: Episode VII, who plays a guy (or does he?) we do not know the identity of yet has opened up a bit about the relaxed atmosphere on set, how the new movies will be different from the prequels and maybe drops some hints on possible set pieces.

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his new movie featuring Aragorn and Mary Jane Watson The Two Faces Of January, Isaac dropped some interesting tidbits on the vibe JJ Abrams is going for. Most notably: "It's not formal. They're messy, energized people. We've all intentionally tried to do that. Just make it a little more fiery and messy."

Sorry for all the fans of the monotonous robot-drone dialogues of the prequels. Whatever you can say for Abrams' movies, they're always lively, even if they are sometimes dumb.

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For those scared of a bunch of tired old people as the leads, Isaac said he hasn't experienced that at all: "Carrie [Fisher] is hilarious and doing such cool work. Harrison [Ford] is back. He went on hiatus for a little while, but he's 150 percent back. It's pretty amazing to see him bounce back. He looks incredible. Everyone's having a really good time. J.J. sets that tone. There's a lot of enthusiasm and it's being done with a lot of heart. There's nothing cynical about the way we're doing this. Even in the way he's shooting it-he's shooting on film and actually building the sets, so you've got hundreds of stormtroopers or whatever, and hundreds of extras and all the ships. You actually see it. It's all real. Everyone can interact with the world."

That sounds like there might be some huge battles coming up in Episode VII! I wish I wasn't, but I'm actually getting quite excited for this movie. Watch Inside Llewyn Davis for a reminder of how good Isaac and Star Wars co-star Adam Driver are, by the way.

Star Wars: Episode VII is set for a December 18, 2015 release.

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