Anomaly Defenders Sci Fi Tower Defense Invades Android Today: iOS Version Due Out Soon; Destroy All Humans Anywhere You Go! [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 24, 2014 09:10 AM EDT

11 bit studio's Anomaly Defenders, the final chapter in the tower offense/defense saga, is out now on Google Play for Android platforms. The iOS version will be hitting tomorrow, Thursday, September 25.

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Anomaly Defenders is a very good game. We here at GameNGuide enjoyed the hell out of our time with the epic aliens vs humans title. "The game does not redefine the genre as we know it, but it does not feel the need to. It invites you over for 'just one more' drink, and you will end up staying the night, not realizing how much time you've put into this." Read the full review here.

It can be very addictive, and can test your skills in later levels. And if I may add, the music is pretty great, too.

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The mobile launch trailer evokes a moody sense of foreboding. The trailer is narrated by the alien AI, which summons you, the human commander to defend the alien race against the invading human war machine. The short narrative harkens back to the original Anomaly title, and its follow up, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, which placed you as the scrappy human defense force repelling the extraterrestrial threat. The original games were the first 'tower offense' sub-genre, which had you overseeing troops against the enemy towers, rather than vice versa.

Anomaly Defenders reverts back to the old paradigm; once again you control the tower units against wave after wave of enemy attackers. It's super fun and I believe the gameplay could translate well onto mobile devices, though certain unit models may be hard to distinguish on phones. Best stick to tablets to play this one.

You can purchase Anomaly Defenders on Google Play for $3.99 here. Watch the launch trailer below.

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