Alien Isolation 'Misdirection' Trailer Is A Terrifying Lesson In Futility; In Space, Diversions Are Useless [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 25, 2014 09:33 AM EDT

"I see you hiding over there. Yeah, you tucked in your little dark corner, hoping I'll just walk on by. Oh, cute, you threw something over in that direction. Look how you sneakily try to get away, creeping out behind me. Oh, darn, you stepped on an alarm. Well, thanks for playing!"

They're Making Prometheus 2? And With No Aliens? Oy Vey. what I imagine the xenomorph in the latest Alien: Isolation trailer, titled Misdirection, must be thinking, as it stalks its prey onboard the spaceship. All the clever tricks, like setting off an explosion and then running the other way, may not be as effective as they are in other games. After all, the xeno is "evolution...perfected." to borrow a line from the original 1979 film. They're smart and they know when they're getting punked.

But given that going in guns blazing does not seem like an option, we are left with little choice but to try. Sometimes, it works, other times not so much. And even when you think you've gotten away, there's still a ship on emergency lockdown to contend with and that doesn't necessarily distinguish between human and alien.

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There's something terrifying about these trailers. Even going in, you know that the main character is going to bite it, but the build up to that moment is just gut-wrenching. The way you're not just killed, but flipped over onto the ground and how the camera doesn't pull back to third person camera, so the last thing you see is the xenomorph standing over you, grinning.

So, how will I survive? Probably for about 5 minutes. But we'll find out on October 7 when Alien: Isolation comes out for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Watch the Misdirection trailer below.

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