Valve Launches Steam Music Player, A Built-In Service That Can Stream Your Song Collection While You Play

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Sep 25, 2014 02:11 PM EDT

Valve has released Steam Music Player, a service for the popular digital client that will allow you to stream tunes while you play. The service had been in a limited beta.

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Steam can play your computer's collection of music if you point it in the right direction, and can access any DLC soundtracks you own on the service. Valve announced the feature on the Steam website.

Users can create mixes and playlists with their songs within Steam as well, and perhaps most importantly, the music player will be available through the in-game overlay. This means you won't have to exit or minimize games to skip songs or make changes--the service would be much less useful at that point.

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Valve is celebrating the launch with free soundtracks for several of its games including Half-Life and Portal. The studio is also welcoming feedback and suggestions on the service.

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