Become Legend With The New Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare DLC Pack Legends Of The Lawn; Seven New Variants, Taco Bandit Mode [NEWS]

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 29, 2014 11:34 AM EDT

Endlessly shooting at a cave is not the only way to become legend. PopCap Games has released the details of the next update for their ridiculously fun shooter Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

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Titled Legends of the Lawn, the new content pack "will introduce a slew of character variants, the tasty new Taco Bandits game mode, and a bountiful offering of more than 200 customization items and five new spawnable characters." The best part? You get all that for free.

The Taco Bandits map is the PvZ take on capture the flag, except now it's capture the taco and I think we can all agree that this is an improvement in every conceivable way. The zombies' palates are evolving and they need that sweet, sweet Mexican goodness, and the only place they can get it is at Crazy Dave's. Plants will defend against the onrushing horde and try to stop the undead from nabbing three tacos. You can even plant the potted turrets now, a first for any game mode. The zombies have a few new tricks up their sleeves as well. The walking dead can now summon more of their kind to zerg and overwhelm the plant base.

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And all for tacos. Better men have died for less.

There are seven new variants available: first up, the zombies are getting the Roman inspired Centurion, the Paleontologist (who is wearing dinosaur armor and shoots magma), the Sanitation Engineer, who is like something out of a Troma movie and finally the Golf Star (the All Star variant) which sees the dapper looking golfer take aim and snipe the opponents, and features the fastest rate of fire in the game.

The Plants are getting a new Chomp Thing that is a swamp-thing inspired beastie, Alien Flower variant for the Sunflower and finally the Jade Cactus, a slower moving uber-tank.

Additionally, over 200 customizations are included with the update, including the new sets which let you 'make an outfit' for your plants and/or zombies.

Legends of the Lawn hits servers for free tomorrow, September 30, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC on Origin, PS4 and PS3. Watch the trailer below.

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