FIFA 15 Team Power Rankings: The Best 5 Squads To Play With Following The Start Of The Football Season

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Sep 30, 2014 01:23 PM EDT

FIFA 15 has finally been released to millions of fans around the world, joining the many real football seasons that are currently under way. With the game launched and a few Matchday roster updates released, it's a good time to take a look at the best teams in the game.

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To a degree, the best club can come down to your play style preference, but the team ratings provided by EA across the three categories (attack, midfield, defense) give a pretty clear indication of the best overall squads. Matchday has updated the ratings to reflect real-life performance, and the following rankings are based on a mix of the current rosters and our thoughts on which team is most effective on the field.

1. Real Madrid: 87 ATT, 85 MID, 82 DEF, 84 GK

Bayern Munich just edges Madrid in terms of overall squad ratings, but the players on the Spanish giants are extremely effective during gameplay. The speed and shooting threat of Ronaldo (94 overall) and Bale are unmatched, and Bayern's extremely good real-life squad doesn't translate to FIFA as well as Madrid's.

Pace and dribbling skill up front are combined with great passing midfielders (Kroos, Rodriguez, and Modric is an absurd combination, just as in reality) and a strong defense. Casillas may have declined and now sits at an 84 overall, but he's still capable of making very good saves. Varane has room to improve from his 81 rating, but with Ramos partnering him, this team is the best in the game from front to back.

2. Bayern Munich: 87 ATT, 87 MID, 83 DEF, 90 GK

Yes, those ratings are ridiculously good, and do look better than Madrid's on paper. As stated, though, the attributes of some of Bayern's best players don't quite translate to FIFA as well as Madrid's. Ronaldo is the most effective player in the game, and his direct pace and power are much more likely to influence a match than Mueller's intelligent movement and clutch nature--skills more difficult to translate to player-controlled gameplay.

That said, this is of course still a frighteningly good squad, and one you'll probably face online quite a bit. The added threat of Lewandowski helps the scoring, and Robben is a 91 overall. Lahm is currently playing in midfield instead of at right back, but that only makes the team more solid through the middle--even if the central midfield pairing lacks some attacking impetus. At the back of it all, the game's best goalkeeper in Manuel Neuer is ready to frustrate pretty much every opposition attack.

3. Barcelona: 88 ATT, 84 MID, 82 DEF, 82 GK

Though the club has fallen somewhat from the state of consistent dominance shown for several consecutive years, the roster is still very strong. The new-look attack, in particular, is arguably the best front three in world football. Suarez may be banned in Career Mode to reflect his real-life suspension, but the 89 rated striker can combine with Neymar (86) and Messi (95) when you face an opponent. That trident is almost unfair, and offers the most dangerous collection of pacey, talented dribblers around.

Barcelona's possession-heavy style can be difficult to emulate in FIFA, but the supporting cast is solid enough that it won't matter. FIFA 15's highest-rated defensive midfielder (Sergio Busquets) is available in the middle along with Rakitic and Iniesta, and the defense is quick and serviceable.

4. Chelsea: 84 ATT, 82 MID, 82 DEF, 86 GK

The London club has some fantastic players, but the overall scores come in just under the other big clubs. Eden Hazard's rating has risen to 89, and Diego Costa (87) is currently the most dangerous striker on the planet. Oscar and Willian's relatively lower ratings bring the attack score down somewhat, but they can be very effective on the pitch--particularly Willian's pace.

Matic (83) and Fabregas (86) represent a balanced midfield combining defensive skill and masterful creativity, but it will be up to the user to make the most of the Spaniard's passing--he's not particularly fast or likely to beat his man on the dribble. A solid defense (Azipilicueta is still somehow just a 79, despite starting in one of the best defenses around and consistently making appearances for Spain) is supported by goalkeeping prodigy Thibaut Courtois, who will pull off some tremendous saves.

5. Manchester City: 84 ATT, 82 MID, 80 DEF, 82 GK

The reigning Premier League champions have slipped somewhat in terms of performance and impressiveness, but the strength of the roster still beats PSG to the top five. Aguero and Dzeko are a great striker combination, and it will be hard to get through the midfield pairing of Yaya Toure and Fernandinho. Hart isn't up to par with the other clubs' keepers, but the back line (especially Kompany, 86) is good enough when supported by the midfield. A solid squad throughout is City's strength, even if one or two positions could be upgraded, and several superstars make the difference.

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