Clash Of Clans Tutorial Strategy Guide: The GoWiWi Assault Is For Players Who Love 'Power Overwhelming' [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Sep 30, 2014 02:31 PM EDT

Perhaps you are the kind of person whose attack strategies veer more towards the "power overwhelming" type of assault. You don't necessarily swarm with a lot of units, but the ones you do attack with are going to be serious damage dealers. If you play Clash of Clans, then the GoWiWi attack is truly the one for you.

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The offensive strategy is similar to the GoWiPe style, except you substitute in Witches for the PEKKA. This creates a larger force, as Witches will summon skeletons like there's no tomorrow, but also an inherently more fragile army. Wizards and Witches are some of the most powerful units in the game, however, they lack the survivability of the other, more heavily armored troops at your disposal.

So, the key to a successful GoWiWi attack is sacrifice. You are going to have to sacrifice several units, be they Wall Breakers (to get into the enemy village) or Wizards themselves basically in a suicide run around the area you are assaulting in order to clear out the bombs and other traps that lie in wait. Breakers are great for that, as are the Golems, who can take it.

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Placement is one key to victory as well. As the latest video from Galadon, which shows off two successful assaults, you need to spread the love around and clear things out. A single hit from a giant bomb or a fully upgraded mortar can wipe out an entire contingent of Wizards. The video shows off an attack against a Town Hall level 9, so the attacker has the advantage since there are no pesky Inferno towers to utterly ruin your day.

But understanding the basics is still key, Galadon says, and can mean the victory between a 1 and 2 star victory, or even defeat. A bomb takes out most of the wizards in the second assault, but the player recovers with well timed spells and an understanding of how the units operate.

Watch and learn below, Clashers. See you next time.

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