A Rick And Morty Video Game That's A Mix of Skyrim And Minecraft, Or Metroidvania? Creators Dan Harmon And Justin Roiland Reveal Their Dream Adaptation At NYCC

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 10, 2014 10:39 PM EDT

Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon were on hand at Comic Con to talk all things, well, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Few showrunners are as well known and talked about as Harmon, who has created several cult-classic television shows over the last decade, including The Sarah Silverman Project and the near-religion that is Community. The two were on hand to talk about the upcoming season 2 premiere of Rick & Morty, their wonderful animated show on Cartoon Network and they let slip a little nugget in the process.

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If they had not been seated around a pack of hungry press, Harmon and Roiland could have easily been just another pair of Comic Con attendees- Harmon in blue flannel; Roiland in a darker blue hoodie. They spoke with the easy charm that guys who do this a whole lot possess.

Near the end of the interview, they were asked about bringing Rick and Morty to video game form. Several other shows on Cartoon Network, like Adventure Time, already had their own titles, why not R&M? Did they ever talk about expanding the license?

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"Oh yeah, we talk about it." Roiland responded first, getting our hopes up and then dashing them against the rocks with, "I mean, we don't have any plans, but Dan and I have talked occasionally about like..."

Harmon catches the pitch. "I want to do a blend of the realism of Skyrim with the procedural generation of Minecraft. You use the portal gun, you can go to infinite worlds that are procedurally generated, but there is still a structure and a roleplaying element."

Rick and Morty often involves a lot of bizarre scenarios and locations in the universe, and will even feature the multiverse come season, according to Roiland. So what they have a template for is essentially a Bioshock Infinite game where pine cones can be shoved up your butt. But it could be anything.

"We want to do the current-gen console game, PC like he's describing, and I'm a huge handheld gamer," Roiland added, "So I would love to, at the same time, develop a Metroidvania-style Rick and Morty game. That's my favorite type of game. Where you know, you shoot a Portal gun and you go, but there's a bunch of different worlds to go to but they're limited. But they're a Metroidvania game, where you're powering up as you go, it's that classic formula."

"Any Metroidvania-style game I can play from beginning to end without getting bored," Roiland responded. "But yeah, the bigger crazier Skyrim thing would just be incredible to do and that's something that hopefully we'll be able to as the show continues to grow and get a bigger fanbase. Those opportunities will come along."

We certainly hope so! Rick and Morty debuts in 2015. A video game is still a long ways off, but we can dream. Oh yes, we can dream.

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