Pokemon X And Y News: GameStop Hosts Free Shiny Mega Gengar Code Event For The Next Two Weeks

By Connor Sears , Updated Oct 13, 2014 03:08 PM EDT

Pokémon and GameStop are counting down the days until Halloween with a new promotion starring Gengar, the original Ghost Pokémon.

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Starting today and running until October 26, Pokémon X and Y players can pick up a code card from participating GameStop locations. Entering the code into the game will net players a shiny Gengar holding the Gengarite Mega Stone. In his regular form, Shiny Gengar just looks slightly darker than its standard brethren. When it transforms into Mega Gengar, however, it stands out with a bright white color palette.

The Shiny Gengar comes knowing Astonish and the powerful Poison-type move Sludge Wave, a move that it can't learn in regular gameplay.

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Mega Gengar is a powerful ally to have. The stat boosts it receives upon Mega Evolution make it tied for the fourth most powerful Special Attacker in the game alongside White Kyurem. Gengar also becomes among the top 15 fastest Pokémon when in its Mega form. Mega Evolution causes Gengar's ability to turn from Levitate to Shadow Tag, making escape impossible for the opposing Pokémon. Just send in Mega Gengar against a Normal or Fighting type that can't damage you then feel free to set up stat boosting moves to your heart's content.

While you're at GameStop, you'll also be able to pick up a Gengar Spirit Link 2-Pack for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It's going on sale to celebrate the upcoming November release of Pokémon TCG: XY – Phantom Forces. 

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