Driveclub Servers Update: Players Having Difficulties Downloading Patch 1.04, Hourly Upgrades Available, PS Plus Edition Still In Progress

By Connor Sears , Updated Oct 17, 2014 04:07 PM EDT

PS4 exclusive title Driveclub received a new patch yesterday that will hopefully bring the game closer to fixing the server issues it's been experiencing since launch, but many are reporting difficulties in actually getting the patch.

In Incremental Progress News, Driveclub's Friendly Leaderboards Are Back

The Driveclub struggle bus is still in top gear as developer Evolution Studios tries to get the game's server issues under control, but the developer's continued communications with the fanbase at least keep everyone in the loop about what's going on behind the scenes. The 1.04 patch went live yesterday, according to the game's most recent Facebook post, and it's hopefully a next step toward finally solving these issues. In addition, the developer stated that server upgrades are being implemented several times a day.

Unfortunately, many players were quick to report that they were having problems actually downloading the 1.04 patch. Evolution Studios' advice in this case is for players to keep at it until their request finally goes through.

PS4 System Update 2.0 Features: Next-Gen Gets A Makeover

The feature that is next to get back into the game is Driveclub's face-offs, little challenges in the middle of a race where players can try to beat other players' drifts or top speeds on small stretches of track. Performing well nets the player some extra XP. Players can even set up their own challenges, earning XP for how highly they rank on their own challenges when they expire, allowing players to rack up XP even when they're not playing.

Evolution Studios added that the much-awaited PS Plus version of the game – a condensed version of the game that is free for Plus members this month – is still in the works for now. Truth be told, it makes sense that Evolution Studios would want to focus on making the game playable for people who actually spent money on it before getting up a copy for Plus members to try out for free.

Driveclub released on the PlayStation 4 back on October 7.

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