PlayStation TV Review Round-Up: Promising Future, Disappointing Present

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Oct 19, 2014 08:49 PM EDT

The PlayStation TV is an intriguing device, in theory combining the capabilities of a set top box with the ability to play PS Vita games on your TV without the handheld.

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The first round of reviews are in for the product, and while all agree there is a lot of future potential in the $100 device, the verdict seems to be that its current state is less than stellar. Below are some excerpts from those reviews, explaining what the PlayStation TV does and does not do well.

BGR, No Score Given: "The PlayStation TV is at odds with itself. After spending a few hours with it at home, I still haven't found a compelling reason to use it over any of my other PlayStation branded devices. Given time, PS TV could be a major competitor in the set-top box market, but right now, it's the cheapest console available for one very good reason - it just doesn't work that well."

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"...The PS TV is a mixed bag. Anyone who has invested in the current generation of the PlayStation ecosystem is going to find a lot to love about this promising device, but its issues are too numerous to ignore. Thankfully, most of them can be rectified with software updates, but given the current pace of PS4 software updates, I'm not holding my breath."

CNET, 5.7/10: "The Good: PlayStation TV has an affordable starting price point, works with existing DualShock 3 and 4 controllers and can play hundreds of games. It also offers game streaming from a networked PS4 or via PlayStation Now, and a handful of video services.

"The Bad: A surprising amount of content for PSTV is not available in HD, and the Vita's interface doesn't make a graceful jump to the big screen. Remote play is laggy in Wi-Fi mode and PSTV still relies on an expensive flash storage medium. Major streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus are noticeably absent.

"The Bottom Line: The PlayStation TV sounds great on paper, but out of the gate, it underwhelms as both a gaming and an entertainment box."

IGN, 6.5/10: "As a Remote Play extender for PlayStation 4 owners with fully wired homes-or truly outstanding Wi-Fi connections-the PlayStation TV has definite value, and it's much easier than hauling your PS4 around the house and a lot cheaper than buying a second one.

"But as a standalone device, the PlayStation TV disappoints due to huge gaps in the game compatibility list and missing video apps, as well as poor PlayStation Now performance over Wi-Fi. Hopefully, Sony will improve the experience over time, but for now, it's difficult to offer a hearty recommendation."

Mashable, No Score Given: "The PlayStation TV has huge potential to provide an all-in-one set-top box solution that provides both streaming games and other entertainment. Unfortunately, the PlayStation TV is totally devoid of apps required to do so. I really was surprised to see a platform that Netflix isn't available on, but the "Apps" section of the PlayStation Store was barren. No Hulu Plus. No Amazon Prime Video.

"The PlayStation TV's bumpy issues are easy to patch in the future. The interface can be cleaned up, and entertainment apps can be added. The great news is that people will now be able to enjoy many of the great games available on the Vita at a lower price, especially since the platform has recently become a magnet for unique indie games. If you have the right connection type, PlayStation Now also offers a lot of entertainment value in the future. All of this in a teeny form factor and a pretty low price point."

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