Tekken 7 Arcade Release Date: New Leak Suggests Fighting Game Will Hit Japanese Arcades In February 2015

By Connor Sears , Updated Oct 20, 2014 11:51 AM EDT

According to a new leak, Tekken 7 will roll out to Japanese arcades in February 2015, giving us a bit of a better idea of when we might see it come Stateside to arcades and consoles.

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The information (published over at IGN) comes from a NeoGAF post that apparently got the tip from a Bandai Namco business meeting. The information is also confirmed by the good folks over at Avoiding the Puddle.

If Japanese arcades are getting the storied fighting franchise's next installment that early in the year, it follows that the rest of the world should expect to see the game at least in that same year. Allowing time for localization, a fall 2015 release for Western arcades – along with a release for the reported PS4 version – would certainly be reasonable.

Tekken 7 Character Roster Update: 18 Fighters Revealed In Total

The last big news for Tekken 7 came when the game started playtesting and footage for a couple of new characters rose to the surface. Claudio, a character who was unannounced before testing started, can be seen fighting series regular Law over on YouTube. You can also watch newcomer Katarina in action about halfway through this video.

Tekken 7 is being built using Unreal Engine 4, so the rumored port to PC would not be out of the question. As of now, though, answers are still scarce. Expect more information to start coming out of the woodwork once the game launches in Japan this February.

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