Upcoming Doctor Who Video Game Will Educate And Entertain: Learn To Code With The Doctor And The Dalek PC Title

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 20, 2014 12:22 PM EDT

Let's face it, the banality of coding is inversely proportional to the fun of Doctor Who. So, naturally, the CBBC has decided to combine both to create a fun, Doctor Who-themed game that educates kids on the basics of BASIC.

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Called The Doctor And The Dalek, the PC game features the voice of Number 12 (or 13, depending) himself, Peter Capaldi, as he saves a Dalek and aims to reprogram the homicidal alien, much like he did in this season's episode 'Into The Dalek'. One hopes that the result is a little less depressing than the show.

The game is part platformer and part programmable adventure. Players are tasked with giving the Dalek commands, such as 'wait', 'move' or 'turn' in simple, easy to understand programs that will bring the metal monster to the finish line.

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Look, getting kids to learn is hard and we are in need of kids getting into the STEM fields (though far more are in need of actual jobs in those fields). This is a great way to stealthily get children to learn and understand the basics of coding and hopefully inspire them to pursue it further.

The game is sadly only being released across the Pond, but we can certainly hope that with the massive, worldwide appeal of Doctor Who, there will be an international release. Currently, the game is PC only, but a tablet version is in the works for a later date.

The Doctor and The Dalek comes out on Wednesday, October 22 and is completely, one hundred percent free. Our friends across the pond can find it via CBBC.

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