Pokemon X And Y News: GameStop Gives Away Mega Evolved Mythical Diancie For Free As Promotional Event For Alpha Sapphire And Omega Ruby [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Oct 27, 2014 02:35 PM EDT

The October Pokemon X and Y event continues at GameStop. The games retailer just wrapped up its Shiny Gengar giveaway and no sooner has that ended than it begins its Diancie event. Don't believe me? Why don't you take a look at the new trailer they brought with them.

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What was once one of the most difficult Pokemon to get is now as easy to acquire as simply walking into a GameStop and asking. You don't even have to sell an old game to them to do it! Head to participating GameStop stores from October 27 to November 16, 2014 to pick up your special code card.

Players who obtain the Diancie for Pokemon X or Y may then transfer her (it?) to the upcoming Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby when that hits shelves for both 2DS and 3DS handheld systems. You can even go back to the very same GameStop. This will allow you to unlock the Diancite Mega Stone, which allows you to evolve the creature into the Mega Diancie, the only such Pokemon of its generation (VI) that has a Mega Evolve ability.

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Diancie can also effortlessly produce diamonds at will with its Diamond Storm, in which the Fairy/Rock type Pokemon does its best interstellar planetoid impression and makes it rain down hyperinflated gems as wrought from De Beers' worst nightmares.

And they're giving it away for free!

Pokemon Alpha Sapphie and Omega Ruby are remakes of the 2002 GBA classics Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The game is out next month on November 21.

Take a dance with Diancie below.

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