Fitbit Introduces Three New Wearables (Including GPS Watch) To Get Back Into The Fitness Tracking Market

By Connor Sears , Updated Oct 27, 2014 03:34 PM EDT

Fitbit is coming back on the market in a big way. With three new products either out now or lined up for the next few months, the fitness tracker company might be able to give the Apple Watches and Android Wears of the world a run for their money.

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The first new model, the Fitbit Charge, is almost an identical replacement for the Fitbit Force, according to Engadget. The Force was pulled from store shelves earlier this year after wearers reported skin irritation from wearing the device. After syncing with a phone, the Charge is able to provide Caller ID information when the synced phone starts ringing. It also allows for automatic sleep tracking, for those who want to know how healthy their lifestyle is while they're unconscious, as well. The Charge is currently on store shelves.

The Charge HR is a new model that adds heart rate tracking to the basic Charge. While exercising, wearers are able to view their heart rate at all times via the Charge HR's small display. The Charge HR adds a crucial component to fitness fanatics who like to know exactly how efficient their exercising strategies are.

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Finally, Fitbit announced the Surge, the company's beefiest of wearable fitness trackers. The Surge sports a larger display than the Charge family, allowing it to display more information at a time. It also includes a built-in GPS, which gives it a distinct advantage over most smartwatches from even the top tech companies. With GPS capabilities, the Surge is able to track route, distance and pace for workouts, giving active exercisers much more data to pore over when they're done for the day.

Both the Charge HR and Surge are set to hit stores in 2015.

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