Wemagin Kickstarter Aims To Simplify Anonymous VPN Internet Browsing Via Untraceable USB Drive

By Connor Sears , Updated Nov 03, 2014 04:05 PM EST

Online privacy is constantly in the news. It's an issue that many people struggle with in an era where the world is infinitely more connected and privacy seems to suffer because of it. There are ways to make sure your activity online is anonymous, but they're not always accessible to those not in the know. The Wemagin Kickstarter is trying to change that.

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Wemagin is a USB drive that contains its own anonymous web browser. Just by plugging the small drive into a computer, users can fire up the special browser, log onto an anonymous VPN and browse the Internet without leaving a digital trace either on the Internet or on the drive itself.

Setting up the service involves inputting a unique registration key that ships with every Wemagin but, at the same time, is not tied to a specific drive. After signing up with a valid or invalid email address, you're free to fire up your private Internet experience.

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The plan, according to the Kickstarter video, is to sell the device itself for $199 and charge $5.99/month for access to the VPN service. The service also comes with upwards of 4 TB of cloud-based storage space.

Though American consumers would certainly find uses for truly anonymous browsing, the idea for the device, according to project head Steve Kim, was inspired by people living in oppressive regimes like China or North Korea who can't access certain websites without being identified and punished by their government. The Wemagin, then, is looking to offer a completely private and anonymous browsing experience that can be accessed by simply plugging in a USB drive.

The Wemagin is a little more than halfway through with its $50,000 goal after spending about a month on the crowdfunding site. The campaign lasts until the middle of December.

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