Civilization: Beyond Earth Patch Details Announced During Developer's Mod Tutorial Video

By Connor Sears , Updated Nov 13, 2014 03:55 PM EST

Civilization: Beyond Earth has been out for almost three weeks now, but developer Firaxis is still engaging with the player base via weekly Twitch livestreams. This week, the developers gave a brief rundown on how to build mods for the game, but not before laying out the details for the game's big patch that's coming up.

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The patch covers a lot of issues that the game's players have been bringing up in the three weeks since launch. After complaints that the game is too easy even on the highest difficulty levels, the developer is reworking the difficulty scaling for this upcoming patch. The patch also touches on the game's Health system. Players quickly found out that the penalties they incurred for having very low Health were manageable compared to the benefits of having a sprawling empire. This led to players winning games while having Health values in the negative hundreds, a result that should be taken care of in the update.

As you might expect from a strategy game, Civilization: Beyond Earth's patches will also have much to do with balancing the game. According to the livestream, almost everything in the game – from military units to virtues to factions leader bonuses – will be balanced in one way or another.

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Of course, the patch will try to squash some of the bugs that have popped up these three weeks, including issues where the game's achievements wouldn't fire properly and a number of game-crashing events that users have submitted.

The video then goes into the process of modding for Beyond Earth, specifically how to create a custom building. The mod community for Civ V was very active, and it looks like Beyond Earth's could be even bigger since Aspyr noted that it's planning on incorporating mod and Steam Workshop support into the game's Mac and Linux versions. Next week, the developer livestream will consist of a more involved modding process, creating a Wonder.

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is now available for PC.

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