First Telltale Game Of Thrones Screens Appear Online: Leaked Images Bring Back Tyrion, Cersei And Margaery; House Forrester Teased

By Steve Buja , Updated Nov 17, 2014 08:56 AM EST

Several images from the upcoming Game Of Thrones title from Telltale Games have come online. The season five teasers are a ways off, so you this will be the first new Game of Thrones-releated images we've seen since Arya sailed away to become little miss ninja.

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With courtesy to IGN. Telltale is hewing closely to HBO's vision of George R.R. Martin's 'A Song Of Ice And Fire'. Tyrion, Margaery Tyrell and Cersei are all rendered in the likenesses of Peter Dinklage, Natalie Dormer and Lena Headey.

We also get a first look at some unknown, as yet named characters most likely from House Forrester. You play as one of five different characters from the northern (allied to Winterfell) clans as they attempt, as so many do in Game Of Thrones, to not die during the events of season three and four (The Red Wedding, the northern invasion, the Greyjoy incursion and all the other horrible things that happen).

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Telltale Games adventures are heavy on storytelling, choice and consequences, three things Martin does extremely well. Granted, most of those consequences will undoubtedly end up with one, if not all, of the Forrester clan members dead. To be fair, that is generally the 'good' outcome in the world of Westeros.

The Game Of Thrones Telltale adventure will be out by the end of the year, according to the company. It will be available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3, Mac and iOS. As with all previous Telltale titles, the game will consist of six episodes.

Chances are it will be finished before Martin gets the sixth book out! Zing!

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