Civilization: Beyond Earth Mac Version Release Date: Travel To A New World On OS X Starting Today

By Connor Sears , Updated Nov 26, 2014 09:32 AM EST

The time has come for Mac users to break their earthly tethers and take to the skies. Civilization: Beyond Earth releases today for OS X.

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Mac developer Aspyr announced the news yesterday on its dev blog. Starting at 12 p.m. Central, the Mac version of the game will go live on Steam and in the Mac App Store, just more than month after the original PC release.

Linux users, your port is still in the works. Asypr estimates that it's about two or three weeks behind the Mac version in terms of production, so you'll still likely be able to see it before year's end.

The Most Useful Mods For Civilization: Beyond Earth

Aspyr has confirmed that the Mac version of Beyond Earth includes support for both mods and the Steam Workshop, something that was lacking in the Civ V port for Mac. Though Aspyr has also stated that getting the same support on Linux is a development goal, no confirmation on its inclusion has been made just yet.

In Civilization: Beyond Earth, the player controls one of eight factions as they try to colonize an alien planet after a great disaster on Earth. To do this, players can embrace any of the game's three Affinities, schools of thought for how humanity should move forward. Purity players believe that these new civilizations should work hard to retain their humanity and terraform their new planet, in order to one day bring Earth's remaining population over to the new world. Supremacy players believe that humanity is inherently weak and that embracing technology is the path toward progress. Supremacy players' goal is to become more machine than man and travel back to Earth to "liberate" the rest of the human population. Finally, Harmony players want to embrace the environment, evolving themselves to develop a symbiotic with the alien planet as it is.

Whichever Affinity you choose, however, it's your duty to explore this new world, research impossible technologies and help write the next chapter of humanity.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is now available on PC and, today, Mac.

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