New Howard the Duck Comic: Series Reboot for Infamous Marvel Character After Guardians Of The Galaxy Cameo

By Donyae , Updated Nov 26, 2014 02:56 PM EST

The foulest fowl around is making a return to comics this March. After an understated appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, Howard the Duck is coming back to the page in his own ongoing series. The talking duck with a dirty mind will be heading his own book about his adventures as a private eye in his adopted city of New York.

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Most 80s kids are familiar with the feathered character through the cult classic movie, Howard the Duck. The film was a terrible flop that tried to be a children's movie and an adult movie at the same time and failed terribly at both.

Make no mistake, however, the upcoming series places itself firmly into adult territory. The series takes place in the Marvel universe and readers can expect to see familiar faces from Black Cat to She-Hulk as well as a few surprises. Howard's back story stays much the same, a duck trapped in a strange world that he's forced to adopt as his own, survive and ultimately thrive in. To be fair though, the New York City of the Marvel Universe probably isn't so unwelcoming to our feathered friend.

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The new book is written by Chip Zdarksy of Sex Criminals with Joe Quinones of Harley Quinn acting as artist. Fans will also be treated to guest contributors after issue #2. These stories will be "backup stories" but will likely fit into the main narrative in one way or another.

Howard the Duck #1 hits stands in March of 2015.

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