Dying Light Co-Op Gameplay: New Footage Released For Zombie Game From Dead Island Studio [VIDEO]

By Donyae Coles , Updated Dec 01, 2014 06:41 PM EST

Dying Light is a new take on the survival horror genre. It features all the scares and shrieks as you would expect as well as an inventive co-op mode to keep gameplay interesting. IGN has released a video showing off 15 minutes co-op gameplay. The video not only shows the post-apocalyptic world you'll be dumped in, but also some of the enemies you'll encounter. And sometimes, your friends are your enemies.

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The game is split between two modes; daytime, when you craft weapons and find supplies, and nighttime, when the zombies come for you. At this point you should know that the zombies can be your friends too, though not like dead buddies that fight off other zombies 

The zombies may be a player from the other side of the network and they definitely want to eat your brains. It's one of the classes that you can choose. The co-op mode supports up to four players who can work together to make it through the night. There are also challenges littered throughout the game turning your supportive attitudes into an all-out dash for the finish line. The competitions are rewarded with bonuses which you'll need to survive a world filled to the brim with the reanimated corpses of humanity.

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Dying Light is still in production but is bigger than Dead Island, with more area to cover, more things to build, and of course, more zombies. The game is scheduled for release on January 27, 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in addition to PC. Sorry Nintendo, you're not invited to the party.

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