hdmyboy Kickstarter Campaign Aims To Create HDMI Compatibility For Original Game Boy: Play Pokemon, Link's Awakening In 1080p

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 02, 2014 11:40 AM EST

A new Kickstarter campaign is raising money to produce the "hdmyboy," an add-on for the original Game Boy that lets gamers play their favorite old handheld games on a big screen in full 1080p.

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The original Game Boy is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, and the people behind the hdmyboy campaign are marking the occasion by trying to breathe just a little more life into this old console. With the hdmyboy, users can install an HDMI port onto their original Game Boy that allows the handheld to broadcast to the nearest HDTV. The little add-on then scales the Game Boy's output to make sure its games look just as good running in full 1080p.

The hdmyboy also comes with a replica NES controller so you can get the full console experience from the device that defined handheld gaming.

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There are a couple of drawbacks to the device, the first being that it requires actually taking apart your Game Boy to install. The campaign details promise that it's a simple, 10-minute process that mostly consists of separating the two halves of the Game Boy, moving one cable and wedging the hdmyboy in the middle. The device even comes with the special tri-wing screwdriver that most surgery on Nintendo devices requires.

The campaign notes that this add-on only works for the original 1989 Game Boy, not its Pocket or Color successors. So if you only have one of those later models in your storage box, you won't have much luck with an hdmyboy. Still, you can always pick up an old Game Boy original model online for around $20 if the prospect of running Super Mario Land in 1080p is too enticing to pass up.

The hdmyboy campaign will last until December 26. 

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