Alien: Isolation Releases 'Trauma' DLC: Second Add-On Adds New Playable Character, Survivor Mode Maps

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 02, 2014 03:52 PM EST

"Trauma" is the second DLC released for Alien: Isolation, and it adds another chapter to the game's Survivor Mode as players step into the shoes of Dr. Lingard through three new levels.

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Players might remember Dr. Lingard as a cameo character from the main storyline that starred Amanda Ripley. With the Trauma DLC pack, players will be able to actually play as Lingard herself in three new levels that take place before Ripley even arrives at Sevastopol.

The three new levels, Reoperation, Crawl Space and Overrun all task the player with safely making their way to an exit point while the halls of Sevastopol Station are being patrolled by a Xenomorph on the hunt. But it's not as easy as simply sneaking from Point A to Point B. Much like in the previous DLC pack, Corporate Lockdown, each level will have side objectives that the player can complete on their way to the level's exit to earn additional points in the final tally.

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To celebrate this new add-on, developer The Creative Assembly has started a community challenge that focuses on the first of the three new maps, Reoperation. Players are invited to see how quickly they can complete the level without the benefits of the game's motion tracker. Players can then either tweet their best videos using the hashtag #SurvivorChallenge or post it in the comments of the community challenge post on the game's Facebook page. The developers will then show off the best submissions over social media.

The Alien: Isolation season pass contains five DLC packs total, including the two that are already out. New DLC packs, each containing new playable characters, are set to be released every month. Alien: Isolation is available now for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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