Hearthstone Expansion Goblins Vs Gnomes Available Now: Blizzard Adds 120 New Cards, Minions, Mechanics And Spectator Mode To CCG

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 09, 2014 09:41 AM EST

The weather outside is god-awful today, so why not call in sick, huddle under a blanket and play Hearthstone all day long? “But Steve”, you wail, “I’ve gotten every card there is in the game. There is nothing left to play.” Not true, not anymore. Blizzard has finally launched the “second” expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes.

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The new set adds 120 new cards and a wealth of new minion types, gameplay mechanics and more for all of you Tavern Masters out there. Blizzard updated the game with the latest version, to prepare players for a lot of mechanized mayhem.

Mechs, the new Minion type, are devilish machine creations that have a bad habit of exploding, but since we know these things are capable of self-destructing, we can plan for that for devastating effects.

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The new cards can be purchased both with real money and in game gold. Arena victories now award GvG packs instead of the traditional packs. You already have all of them anyway, right? In addition to the new cards, Goblins vs Gnomes also brings along a new spectator mode, allowing you to watch your friends as they totally mess up that one game they absolutely had in the bank two turns ago.

Blizzard has updated three older cards, tweaking their mana costs slightly. Soulfire for the Warlock deck now costs 1, up from 0; Gadgetzan Auctioneer is now 6, up from 5 and the Hunter’s Flare now costs 2 because as always, ‘Hunter is OP’.

Be seeing you at the Tavern. Best of luck out there.

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