Destiny The Dark Below Level 30 Guide: New Vanguard Gear In The Expansion Can Help Boost Your Light Quickly

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Dec 10, 2014 12:12 PM EST

Destiny's The Dark Below expansion offers an array of new missions and gear but some may still be scrambling to reach level 30, especially in the face of the new level 32 cap.

Some Destiny Weekly Heroic Strikes Will Require The Dark Below

Many of The Dark Below's missions recommend level 30 on hard, and players may feel left behind in the face of the new Heroic Weekly and Daily missions. The subtle addition of new Vanguard gear is your best bet for quickly leveling up, and will save you hours of searching for Ascendant Shards.

The Vanguard vendors for each class sell new sets of The Dark Below legendary gear, all of which boast more Light than armor from the vanilla game. Upgrading to these can boost your level quickly, but it will cost you Vanguard Marks, and you need to be at least Vanguard Rank 2. Each vendor sells two helmets, two pairs of gauntlets, two chest pieces, and two pairs of boots for your class. The helmets and chest pieces will require a Vanguard Commendation as well, which is awarded when ranking up (and after Rank 3, every 2,500 reputation gained).

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It will cost a lot of marks to buy the armor, unfortunately. They're awarded for bounties, Strikes, and Patrol missions, however, so there are a multitude of ways to collect more each day. The helmets cost 120 Vanguard Marks, while the rest of the armor pieces cost 75. They have higher Light bases than other Legendary gear and can be upgraded to a higher ceiling, so it's worth the trade-off. Get out there and hunt some Vanguard Marks and reputation, and hit up The Vault of Glass if you can for other high-end gear.

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