Time Game Of The Year '80 Days' Hits Android, iOS Version Adds New North Pole Update As Well

By Connor Sears , Updated Dec 16, 2014 02:31 PM EST

Android users, pack your suitcases and set your watches back 150 years. The choice-based, globe-trotting narrative of 80 Days is now on Google Play.

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80 Days is a mobile game that places the player in the shoes of Passepartout, the French valet of Phileas Fogg from Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days. Set in a steampunk-tinged 1872, 80 Days follows the historic journey of Fogg that started with his famous wager, but there isn't just one path to take on this expedition. In the true style of developer inkle, 80 Days allows the player to take any number of paths in their journey around the world, and each decision they make changes the game's narrative, allowing for huge replayability.

The mobile game has been critically hailed as a champion of interactive storytelling, and it recently came away with the No. 1 slot on Time's list of Top 10 Video Games of 2014. Widely known for its branching narrative options and its formidable script, 80 Days includes stylized, art deco-inspired graphics that keep the player engaged as he travels to more than 150 available cities to meet and interact with a huge cast of secondary characters. Best of all, the $5 game is advertised as a complete experience that's free of the in-app purchases that plague so many other mobile titles.

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Players who have already been enjoying 80 Days on iOS devices should be excited as well. The game hit Google Play with new North Pole narrative options that provide the already sprawling narrative with even more possible branches, and the same addition has come to the iOS version in an update.

80 Days is now available for iOS and Android devices.

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