World Of Warplanes Update 1.6.3 Winter Event: Engage In Aerial Snowball Fights While Flying UFOs While A Giant Snowman Looks On [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 17, 2014 10:13 AM EST

Wargaming, purveyor of the finest in military MMO titles, has announced the release of the winter update to World of Warplanes. The new combat scenario, titled Snowball, will be available starting tomorrow December 18 through January 15.

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The new mode gives players a chance to combine two of their greatest loves: aerial combat and snowball fights. Aerial snowfighting, I suppose. In Snowball mode, players will fly over an exclusive Lapland map utilizing a very special model of the UFO Odin 42M that shoots snowballs instead of missiles. The map also features a giant, soul-less snowman that towers over all like an apathetic god. He will haunt my dreams for always.

The UFO made its appearance as part of this year’s April Fool’s event. But since UFOs are real and definitely helped turn the tide of World War II, Wargaming was honor-bound to include it for real.

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The holiday event comes as part of update 1.6.3 and also introduces some 26 new missions for players to fly in, holiday themed decals and “eight new Achievements that you’ll only be able to earn over these next couple of weeks.” Plus, a new as-yet-unannounced German warplane for your amusement. Because nothing says ‘Happy holidays!’ like German airpower.

In addition to the more temporary and festive changes, “there’ll also be a lot of permanent additions like a new U.S. aircraft, plenty of bug fixes, balance adjustments and matchmaker optimizations.”

Update 1.6.3 hits tomorrow, December 18. Head on over to to start flying today.

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