DC Cancels 14 Comic Books: Ends A Variety Of Titles In The Wake Of Convergence Event [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Dec 17, 2014 02:26 PM EST

With the mega event Convergence on the horizon, DC has announced that it will be cutting quite a few comics with their March run. In total, 14 books will be meeting their doom that month all for a variety of reasons.

DC Convergence Event Adds New Wave of Titles

Not every cancellation is equal, IGN reports. Some of these books are just coming to the end of their planned stories and would have ended regardless of the massive culling. Batman Eternal and Injustice both fall into this category.

Other books are seeing their creators leaving DC and defecting to Marvel. Red Lanterns and Swamp Thing are both in this camp as Charles Soule is taking an exclusive Marvel Contract. Arkham Manor, a book that was doing very well may also have been cancelled for a similar reason. Gerry Duggan, the writer of the series is also heading over to Marvel. The decision to cancel may have been just an attempt to let the series go out on a high note rather than try a new hand.

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Other books are just getting cancelled because they aren't selling well. Causalities of poor sales numbers, Aquaman and the Others, Star Spangled War Stories, and Infinity Man and the Forever People all suffered from this issue.

There are some mystery comics that were doing well and are still being cancelled and some that never really got a real chance and are being cancelled early in their runs.

Convergence, the mega DC crossover event will take place April and May of 2015 and feature characters from all across the universe.

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