How Video Game consoles have grown in the past two decades

May 22, 2012 04:48 PM EDT | By Althea Benloss

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  • TurboDuo
  • TurboDuo
  • Atari Jaguar
  • Atari Jaguar
  • Xbox
  • (Xbox) Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes the downturn in the sale of video games can only be relieved by new gaming consoles hitting the market.
  • GameCube
  • Nintendo GameCube
  • Gameboy
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Gameboy
  • Gameboy Advance

I still remember my first console-a Nintendo NES (101 model). Games like Tetris, The Legend of Kage, Contra and Excitebike occupied my time. Years later, I look back and am still amazed at my patience dealing with those ROM cartridges. Video games have come a very long way in two decades. The consoles we hold dear in our homes experienced quite a journey of transformation, to get to the stage they are at today.

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Let's dive right in to Memory Lane, shall we?

  •  1992
  • TurboDuo 
    • - Turbo Technologies Inc. releases an 8-bit console called, TurboDuo


    Atari Jaguar
    • - Atari Jaguar is released
    • - The Commodore Amiga CD32 is introduced and is the first 32-bit CD-ROM based video game console released in western Europe, Australia, Canada, and Brazil


    • - Sony releases Playstation
    • - Sega Saturn is released


    Casio Loopy
    • - Casio Loopy, a 32-bit video game console, which was sold exclusively in Japan and targeted for female gamers


    Nintendo 64 
    • - Nintendo 64 is released and is the most technologically advanced of the consoles in the fifth generation


    Game Boy Color
    • - Nintendo introduces the Game Boy Color
    • - Sega introduces the Dreamcast, which only lasted about a year and a half


    PlayStation 2
    • - Playstation 2 is released



    Gameboy Advance

    • - The Game Boy Advance is introduced
    • - Microsoft releases its first video game console, the Xbox
    • - Nintendo GameCube is released


    Gameboy Advance SP
    • - Nintedo releases the Game Boy Advance SP and is the smallest video game platform


    Nintendo DS
    • - Nintendo DS is released on November 21, 2004 in North America, with the presence of two separate LCD screens and wireless capability, as just a few distinct features


    Xbox 360 
    • - Microsoft releases its second video game console, the Xbox 360
    • - Sony presents the PlayStation Portable, also known as the PSP.


    The Wii
    • - Nintendo releases the Wii, and is the first home console Nintendo has marked outside of Japan without the company name featured in its trademark
    •  Sony presents the PlayStation 3, or PS3.


    Nintendo Dsi
    • - Nintendo DSi is released and introduces new features like digital cameras and connectivity to an online store called the Nintendo Dsi Shop


    PSP Go
    • - The PSP Go is released on October 1, in North America
    • - The Wii breaks record for best-selling console in a single month in the U.S


    Kinect for Xbox 360
    • - Kinect for Xbox is released and the Guinness World Record holds it as being the "fastest selling consumer electronics device"
    • - Sony presents the PlayStation Move


    PS Vita
    • - PlayStation Vita, or PS Vita, is released
    • - The Nintendo 3DS is released
    • - Playstation 2 is the best-selling console of all-time, having sold over 150 million units as of January 31


    Wii U
    Wii U

    • - The Wii U, by Nintendo, is an upcoming portable console and has been described as belonging to the eighth generation of video games.

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