'Saga' Video Game? Creator Brian K. Vaughan Discusses Award Winning Comic, Mentions Possible Adaptations

By Donyae Coles , Updated Dec 19, 2014 02:05 PM EST

Saga was one of the best comics to come out in recent history. At first glance it's a science fiction space fantasy but on closer inspection, it's a deep meditation on themes spanning from war, abuse, and of all things, parenthood. Series writer Brian K. Vaughan discusses his views on the comic in a recent interview.

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Vaughan sat down with The Verge recently and spoke on the book. One of the things that makes Saga so fascinating is that it covers many very touchy subjects all under a sort of science fiction cover. It also includes a highly diverse cast of characters which is something that major books tend to struggle with.

Vaughan and artists Fiona Staples quickly released that, "If you really do want to explore the real world, this book should look like the real world."

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He also lets it spill that there has been talk of a video game featuring the universe of Saga. The game, if ever made, would likely not focus on the characters from the book, more of a spinoff vibe to it. Nothing is solid regarding the idea but Vaughan is open to the concept.

Saga is a currently running series that focuses on Alana and Marko as they try to keep their small family safe from both of their home planets who want to see them dead. Along the way they meet an entire cast of characters that include dirty minded Robot Princes, bounty hunters and their super-sized pets, and lost family members.

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