Year Walk & Device 6 Developer Simogo Creates 'The Sensational December Machine', A New Free Interactive Short Story

By Steve Buja , Updated Dec 21, 2014 11:24 PM EST

Developer Simogo, the team behind the beautiful and poetic titles Year Walk and The Sailor’s Dream, have released a short little “game” as a way of saying thanks to all its fans.

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Created over roughly three weeks, The Sensational December Machine is an interactive story that is less like a game and more like reading a children’s novel. In fact, there are no gameplay elements whatsoever (but you can control the pace of the text). The hand written text is scrawled onto “the page”, the art style evoking this feeling you get from a Neil Gaiman page - cold, yet strangely touching, with just a hint of magic. The music is just the right amount of whimsy and is conducted by Daniel Olsen, who also composed the brilliant scores to Year Walk and The Sailor’s Dream.

“The year is almost over, and it’s that time of the year when you look back, get a bit contemplative and perhaps even a little misty eyed.” said Simon Flesser (the Sim in Simogo) on the official blog post, “What we found looking back, is that we always get so much support and kindness from our fans, and we wanted to find a way to express our gratitude.”

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The whole story will last you less than five minutes. The Sensational December Machine is about a young woman who lives in a town known for its wonderful machines. One day, she decides to make a machine that will touch people in their hearts.

Simogo games invoke an etherealness to them unlike any other. There’s something austere but beautiful about them, they’re all living fables not meant to excite or scare (though they are capable of both) but to make you pause and consider. They’re like walking down the alleyway of an old, long forgotten memory where the details begin to fade from view, but the feeling of the moment lingers like a flickering candle.

You can download the short story for both PC and Mac.

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