Amazon Rolls Out One Hour Delivery In NYC, Tests Their New Service In Manhattan [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Dec 22, 2014 01:05 PM EST

Last minute holiday shopping got you down? Forget some key products and can't find time to run out for them? Don't worry, if you happen to live in Manhattan, Amazon has got your back. Last Thursday they rolled out their test run for one-hour delivery under the name of Amazon Now.

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The service, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, will charge $7.99 for one hour (or less!) delivery and will offer two hour delivery for free. Well, free so long as you're already an active Amazon Prime Member. The membership, which currently gives free two day shipping as well as a host of other benefits, runs for $99 for the year.

One hour delivery isn't an all-day thing, the hours it's good for are 6 AM to Midnight. So no 3 AM party drop offs.

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Right now, while the service is in its testing phase, it is only available for one zip code in Manhattan currently. If this trial goes well, the company hopes to expand to other cities next year.

There are more than 25,000 items that are eligible for speedy delivery with Amazon Now. Amazon has been soft testing the service with bike messengers for the past few weeks to see how it was received. Customers gave positive reviews on the service and the use of the specialty phone app. Obviously, the eligible items were likely quite small.

Customers who order on Thursday reported that they received their items in a timely manner, usually in less than an hour.

This is all part of Amazon's plan to take over the world and I for one welcome our new speedy delivery overlords.

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