Marvel Vs DC: Epic Fan Made Movie Trailer Teases What Crossover Would Look Like [VIDEO]

By Donyae , Updated Dec 22, 2014 02:12 PM EST

So, let's be honest here, with the exception of the latest Batman movies, Marvel is killing DC on the feature film front. We just have to accept this. But what would happen if Marvel and DC actually met up on the big screen. The answer is awe inspiring action that would right every wrong in your life and finally settle a number of geek feuds. Unfortunately this is not a reality (yet) instead we have an amazing fan made trailer for a reality that could be.

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All of the heroes that have ever showed up on film are in this trailer. This is not half done job. If a hero was caught on video, they're spliced into this trailer as shared by For The Win.

Batman vs. Spider-Man. Thor vs. Superman. Wonder Woman vs. Rocket Raccoon. There's even some Deadpool.

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There are so many heroes in here it's impossible to even speculate on all of the mash ups. They're put together pretty seamlessly too. It's clear which films and television shows they were all borrowed from if you've been keeping up on your superhero entertainment but even with that, the creator has managed to make them all seem like they are from some super action packed movie franchise.

Now this is probably never going to happen. After all, we can't even get Sony to release Spider-Man for use by Marvel to adapt a comic book that he's actually in. There's no way that the various companies that own the film rights to all of these heroes are going to start playing nice to make our dreams come true.

But we can still dream. Watch the video below.

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