Football Manager 2015 Best Young Central Midfielders: Our Top 5 Talents To Target In The Transfer Window For Your Club

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Dec 26, 2014 04:52 PM EST

Football Manager 2015 has an overwhelming number of players to choose from, and it can be difficult to find the right fit for your team. The best way to build for the future is identifying young talent early and acquiring it at a lower price, which is important for all but the biggest clubs.

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We're here to help you identify the game's most affordable young central midfielders, a crucial position for any club and one that does not have a lot of elite options. These players aren't currently established as the best--telling you to go out and sign Paul Pogba would be obvious, and very expensive--but those with high potential who will not cost an obscene sum. Still, I've include some pricier options for anyone playing as Real Madrid or Chelsea and has cash to burn, too.

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Note that some of these players have variable potential, meaning their ceiling is set within a certain range, but where exactly it falls within that range is different in every save file--you could get a version more toward a player's floor or maximum, but the only way to know is with the in-game editor. Judge by what your scouts say, but all of those mentioned here will at the worst still be good players.

Youri Tielemans, Anderlecht

Starting Age: 17

Starting Value, Estimated Cost: £1.3m, £10-15m

The young Belgian has the potential to be one of the best central midfielders in the game, bar none. His ceiling is extremely high, and even a lower-end Tielemans is pretty effective. It'll take some luck as for every player to get one near the max, but he's extremely technically gifted with the mental attributes to match. He's no slouch physically, either, and will succeed playing as an advanced playmaker (ideally on attack) from a young age. His development has continued at a blistering pace for me even after he turned 20, and he can slot into many clubs years before then. He can be a bit pricey for smaller clubs, but is almost always worth it.

Gaston Gil Romero, Estudiantes

Starting Age: 21

Starting Value, Estimated Cost: £2.1m, £2.2-4m

For someone with a little more bite, you can turn to Gil Romero. The Argentinian specializes in the more defensive side of central midfield, with high starting tackling, marking, and positioning ratings. He's physical (though a bit on the shorter side) with good mental attributes, and comes quite cheap for his skill level. He can develop further (starts a bit older than some on this list) to become very effective as a ball-winning or box to box midfielder, and is definitely worth a look.

Lucas Romero, Velez

Starting Age: 20

Starting Value, Estimated Cost: £2.8m, £4.5-7m

Another Argentinian of no relation to the last despite the shared name, Lucas Romero is one of the best well-rounded youngsters you can purchase. Solid mental stats across the board, combined with a pretty good passing and attacking game, make Romero a useful option. He may not specialize in any one area (perhaps making him suited for depth, or a midfield of three), but his affordable price will probably make a buy worthwhile.

James Ward-Prowse, Southampton

Starting Age: 19

Starting Value, Estimated Cost: £7.25m, £15-30m

This one is admittedly more of a luxury, if not just because he's already playing for a respectable team. They value him quite highly, and so many smaller clubs may be priced out of a deal. I felt obligated to include him, though, because he is quite good and useful--he can play a number of playmaking roles in midfield. Ward-Prowse is a great passer with good vision, and is technically gifted.

Leon Goretzka, Schalke

Starting Age: 19

Starting Value, Estimated Cost: £5.25, ~£50m

Schalke is not a small club, but Goretzka is still not a frequently-discussed player. While the game is probably demanding much more money than it would take in real life to prize him away, he starts the game with very high attributes (and a multi-month injury, inconveniently). He's a hard-working passer who can be deployed in a number of roles, and his potential means he has nowhere to go but up. Definitely expensive, but some players will no doubt have millions of pounds in their bank accounts and a hole in central midfield.

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