Watch Destiny's Crota's End Raid Completed Solo With No Land Beyond, One Of The Game's Worst High-Level Weapons [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Dec 29, 2014 04:26 PM EST

A players completing Destiny's Crota's End Raid on his own was impressive enough, but what about completing it solo with one of the worst high-level guns in the game?

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That's exactly what YouTube user Silverhawkz0 did using the No Land Beyond sniper, which was on sale from Xur this weekend. The gun is a bolt-action weapon, requiring a long reload after each shot.

A bolt-action rifle wouldn't be out of place in some military shooters, but compared to the fast-firing snipers in Destiny, it truly makes for a slow and terrible weapon. You could, for instance, fire off at least two rounds with other snipers while firing and reloading the No Land Beyond for another shot. In a game like Destiny where damage per second is important (or you're trying not to get butchered in The Crucible), No Land Beyond is simply a bad choice.

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All of that makes the run even more impressive, as painful as it is to watch the gun in action. The videos below portrays the first and last parts of Crota's End--you can find the middle sections on Silverhawkz0's YouTube page.

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