Vlambeer Giving Giftable Nuclear Throne Copies To Existing Owners On January 1 In Order To Expand Player Base

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Dec 30, 2014 03:10 PM EST

Development studio Vlambeer is giving away free copies of its title Nuclear Throne to anyone who currently owns the game to gift to others in the new year.

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According to a new video from the team, posted below, the current player base has mastered defeating the game, and they want new bodies in to try--and fail--at the game. The devoted players enjoy Nuclear Throne, obviously, but the developers would like to see how a wider range of people feel about it. The giftable copy of Vlambeer's action roguelike will only be offered on January 1.

"We also want to ask for your help. In the last year, the community has been amazing at giving us feedback as you all got better at playing Nuclear Throne," the video's YouTube description states. "We've seen people achieve things we assumed impossible, sometimes within ten hours of starting the game, sometimes after playing for over 500 hours.

"You've become really adept Nuclear Throne players, and we want to call upon you for your help. We need new players, people that are great players, that would love Nuclear Throne, and we need them to be part of our community. We're sure you know somebody like that, and if you do, we want to ask you to invite them to the Nuclear Throne community. We need fresh eyes on the game, people that will still get decimated by Big Bandit and that will complain about the ravens in the scrapyard. We need to know how they feel about Nuclear Throne, and we need your help to reach them."

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Definitely an interesting scenario, no? While I can't recall seeing this situation elsewhere, it's a similar concept behind any beta or early access period at its heart--how many people are interested in, and want to play this game? Vlambeer is using the existing fanbase to extend the search for that question, and hopes its fan give the game to "someone wonderful". If you're an owner of the title, look for your copy on the January 1 and think about who to share it with!

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